The Bark From Heaven



The Bark from Heaven

Yesterday my heart was broken, my home is silent and dark
No scampering paws to greet me, no excited happy bark.
The days passed in a blur of sorrow, grief and pain,
My broken heart ached to see my faithful friend again.

I hiked familiar trails alone with a memory by my side,
The empty silence deepened with every faltering stride.
I walked until I came upon a peaceful forest glade,
Its quiet beauty filled my heart and then I knelt and prayed.

Dear Lord, you know my deepest thoughts, you know my grief and pain,
If I could only get a sign I’ll see my dog again.
Then, in the avenues of silence in the peaceful forest park,
As clear as day I heard it. One single joyous bark.

~Jean Strong


A Poem, of cold winter nights

Little Druid on the Prairie

For U-bar-U, which has neither lake nor sentineled firs, but whose darkness is just as filled with the sounds of the spirits.

The Skater of Ghost Lake 
By William Rose Benet

Ghost Lake’s a dark lake, a deep lake and cold:
Ice black as ebony, frostily scrolled;
Far in its shadows a faint sound whirs;
Steep stand the sentineled deep, dark firs.

A brisk sound, a swift sound, a ring-tinkle-ring;
Flit-flit,–a shadow with a stoop and a swing,
Flies from the shadow through the crackling cold.
Ghost Lake’s a deep lake, a dark lake and old!

Leaning and leaning with a stride and a stride,
hands locked behind him, scarf blowing wide,
Jeremy Randall skates, skates late,
Star for a candle, moon for a mate.

Black is the clear glass now that he glides,
Crisp is the whisper of long lean strides,
Swift is his swaying–but pricked ears hark.

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Twitter to Ban Users Who “Affiliate” With Organizations That “Promote Violence”

Nothing like vague…..

Professional Troublemaker ®

Twitter is a private company that has a right to allow and to ban whatever speech they would like on their platform.  But its users also have the right to call them out on using that power to silence debate.

Twitter has announced that starting December 18th, they will not allow users who “affiliate with organizations that … use or promote violence.”  They make clear that it matters not whether the organization is allegedly violent “on [or] off the platform,” and do not define “affiliate” or “violence:”

Twitter's New PolicySource: Twitter

This leaves open a lot of important questions:

  1. What counts as a “violent” organization?  Does Black Lives Matter fit?  What about “alt-right” protesters?  Does the group need to be “illegal?”  (Under which jurisdiction’s laws?)  What about groups fighting for active revolutions (and does it matter if they are oppressed peoples fighting against an abusive government)?  They do say the ban is…

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What Are My Rights At The TSA Checkpoint?

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tsacheckpointGoing through airport security manned by the TSA is an unpleasant at best, panic-inducing at worst experience, and it definitely helps to know what to expect and what you can do to ensure that you are harassed as little as possible.  The TSA is absolutely horrible at informing travelers as to the procedures they will face (often times declaring that they are “sensitive security information” and therefore cannot be published) and those working the checkpoints often misrepresent the rights and responsibilities of travelers (sometimes to be intentionally difficult, but generally because they were poorly trained).

So, here’s what every traveler should know before they collect their boarding pass at a U.S. airport:

  1. You have the right to opt-out of the body scanners and request a pat-down.  Unless your boarding pass indicates that you are subject to heightened security, which will be denoted by four S’s in big bold letters, you…

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Detained, Removed From Airplane By Feds @ LAX

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In the history of my advocacy, I’ve been kicked out of airportsthreetimes (for refusing to allow the TSA to “touch my junk”).  I’ve had airport police called at least a couple times. But having the feds come down the jetway just for me?  That was a new experience I had last Wednesday at Los Angeles International Airport.

Grumpy Cat with SSI An artist’s rendition of the TSM upon finding my documents

I went through the security line as usual, opting out of the nude body scanners, but one of my bags was flagged for extra screening.  Upon opening it, they were shocked to find… TSA documents, bound into several books, labeled “Sensitive Security Information” (“SSI”).  “These are our documents,” a sassy Supervisory Transportation Security Officer exclaimed at me before fetching the highest-ranking traveler molester TSA staff member at the checkpoint, a suited Transportation Security Manager (“TSM”) who wanted to know how I got those documents and why I…

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Dr. Seuss for Cops

Dr. Seuss for cops:

You shall not kill the people’s dogs

You shall not kill them like they’re hogs

You shall not kill them with a gun

You shall not kill them one by one.

You shall not kill them on patrol

You shall not kill them in their homes

You shall not kill them when they roam.


You shall not kill them, do you hear?

Or should we grab you by the ear

And drag you squalling down the hall

And make you watch them as they fall?

We’ll make you watch the children cry

As they scream in horror while it dies.


We’ll make you listen all the time

To the ruined lives you leave behind

We’ll make you watch their agony

And loop their screams endlessly

We’ll make them echo in your head

All day, all night when you’re in bed

Until you learn your lesson well

You shall not put citizens through hell.


Do you hear us, coward cops?

Do you know the screaming never stops?

The parents hear it every night

As the children struggle with their plight

Your selfish actions ruin lives

Sorrow and fury all that survives

Obey the law, uphold your oath

Courage and compassion, you need both.


Stop killing dogs! Stop, we say

You shall not kill them every day

You shall not kill them out of fright

You shall not kill them every night

You shall not kill the people’s pets

You shall not silence us with your threats.


You shall not kill the people’s dogs

You shall not kill them like they’re hogs

You shall not kill them with a gun

You shall not kill them one by one.

You shall not kill them on patrol

You shall not kill them in their homes

You shall not kill them when they roam.

Written by Jean Strong