Gone Missing — What Happened To Them?

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Gone Missing

What happened to them?

June 7, 2015
Sandra Bishop

Every day all across the United States children and teenagers disappear. It is not often that adults suddenly disappear, especially professional adults. When a cluster of adults start to disappear in a short period of time it raises alarms. We have listed in our databases of missing people only a handful of adults that mysteriously disappear per year. Since May 24 Th until June 3rd we have had five adults all suddenly disappear when people were waiting for them. They disappeared in mostly public places with crowds of people around them. What happened to them? Three were found alive but a mystery surrounds where they were and why they could not contact their families. Two were found dead and the cause of death is suspicious or not being disclosed.
On May 24th Grace Martinez, a 20 year old…

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From this ploughed field the young sweet corn shall spring,
These frozen clods yield to the tender seed,
And pulsing Earth with all her myriad gifts
From winter’s paralyzing grip be freed.


This rotting mold shall bring forth loveliness,
These leafless branches bloom in bridal white,
And where the moon now gleams on frost and snow
The briar rose shall scent the summer night.


Then down these somber walks where you have kept
Your aching trysts with bitterness and pain
New joys shall spring and all old sorrows yield
Before the healing tide of time again.

~Author unknown